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  • Director of Memphis Area Legal Services

  • Chief Public Defender, Shelby County, Tennessee

  • Mayor, Shelby County, Tennessee

  • Mayor, Memphis, Tennessee

  • Longest serving Board Member of Tennessee Higher Education Commission

  • Chairman of the Board, Methodist LeBonheur Healthcare


All in all, A C’s vast background can be best described by the word “intersect.” His broad experiences, from the practice of law to municipal management, involvement in higher education, healthcare and community development make him well-equipped to help ACWG’s clients, both industry and government, create opportunities and solve deeply-rooted problems.




Drawing on the vast experience of the Lead Principal in the areas of municipal government affairs, higher education, early childhood development, municipal finance and budgeting, healthcare and criminal justice, our Group will provide highly professional, strategic counseling and advice to business, local and state government clients. This advice and counseling will assist clients in dealing effectively with contemporary challenges they face in doing business or conducting their affairs in stressed and troubled environments. Additionally, our Group will assist clients in identifying and taking advantage of opportunities they face in these environments by tapping into our Group's experience in bringing about change through innovation. The Group will provide these services in the local, federal and State regulatory and legislative systems.


Core Values


  • Service

  • Commitment

  • Trust

The A C Wharton Group (ACWG) was founded by A C Wharton, Jr., former Mayor of both Shelby County, Tennessee (2002-2009) and Memphis, Tennessee (2009-2015).  An attorney by profession, A C knows the importance of consensus building to solve intractable problems in both private and public sectors. A C has served in numerous leadership roles, including:

“As he leaves office, Wharton reflected on the progress the city has made since he arrived, including the announcement and completion of projects such as Electrolux Home Products, Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, an expansion and relocation of Nike’s distribution operation, and construction of a new tower for International Paper’s Memphis headquarters.” ...... “Wharton leaving economic development behind but keeping the shovels”
Memphis Business Journal, December 16, 2015
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